Maros Karst NCT01D – FD

Ramang – Ramang Village
Escape from the hustle and bustle Makassar city. We will drive you about 45 minutes to Ramang-Ramang village, located in Maros regency.

Puteh River
Soon when you jump into the traditional canoe and paddling through the Puteh River that surrounded by the Karst Tower or limestone cliffs and Nypa Fruticans, you will feel the cool breeze of the countryside.

Pasaung Cave
After half an hour paddling among the beautiful scenery, you will enjoy a soft trekking, visiting Passaung cave, a small cave with some prehistoric drawings inside.

Berua Village
Back to the river and paddle again for another 15 minutes to Berua village which is surrounded by the limestone cliffs. The word “Berua“ taken from the Makassarese language means “New“.

Another soft trekking around the virgin Berua village and experienced the local life. Lunch will be served at the one of local house.

Karst Tower
After lunch, paddle out of the village and enjoyed other soft trekking among Karst Tower or limestone Park. Stone forest area is very wide. The wide to pass through several countries in southern Sulawesi, it is still an area with national park Bantimurung that in a claim by a British researcher Alfred Russel Wallace, as a natural butterfly palace largest and most comprehensive in the world. other than that this region still many other unique things. Drive back to your hotel in Makassar.