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Taman Nusa

taman_nusaTaman Nusa is a cultural park that aims to offer a comprehensive information on the cultures of Indonesia’s various ethnic groups in an attractive and interactive way, while enjoying the natural beauty of Bali. Its mission is to provide a conservation, didactic and recreative means for both domestic and foreign visitors to accurately understand the depiction of Indonesia.

Taman Nasional Bantimurung Bulusaraung
batimurungKawasan Karst Maros-Pangkep seluas ± 40.000 Ha merupakan kawasan karst terluas dan terindah kedua di dunia setelah Cina, dan seluas ± 20.000 ha menjadi bagian dari ± 43.750 ha kawasan konservasi Taman Nasional Bantimurung Bulusaraung. Kawasan ini merupakan surga bagi para petualang.

Padivalley Golf Club
padivalleyPadivalley Golf Club provides its Members with a private world of unparalleled beauty, golf, fun and relaxation. The Gowa highlands and their beautiful foothills provide a lush backdrop for the 18 holes of golf that Padivalley offers and is a perfect match for your passion for golf. The Clubhouse, which overlooks all this natural beauty, offers many amenities to satisfy all tastes.

Ora Beach

Pantai-OraAs the country with the second longest coastline in the world, Indonesia is home to countless beautiful beaches, and has won numerous awards for such. One of these beaches is Ora Beach, carefully hidden away on the North Coast of Seram Island. An exotic and extremely remote destination, Ora beach is perfect for Eco-travellers and honeymooners alike.

Ngurtafur’s White Sand Beach in the Kei archipelago

Filled with charm and a sense of magic, from the beauty of the blue sky, to the endless stretches of sea and sand. Historically recognized as the legendary Spice Islands, the enchanting Maluku Province is home to much more than just mace and nutmeg.

9 Destinasi Wisata Di Kepulauan Kei Yang Mempesona
kepulauan-keiKepulauan Kei Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara mempunyai potensi wisata yang sangat luar biasa dan saat ini sudah terjangkau dan mempunyai infrasturktur yang cukup memadai untuk dikunjungi wisatawan. Penerbangan Ambon – Langgur sudah dilayani oleh 3 maskapai Nasional dengan frekuensi 4 kali setiap harinya.