Makasar City Tour – NCT01A

Makassar formerly known as “Ujung Pandang”, the capital city of South Sulawesi and also the sixth largest city in Indonesia. As the gateway to eastern Indonesia for centuries, from Makassar, the Dutch was  controlling, much of the shipping between the west and the east. Today, Makassar is still a thriving port and important transport hub. Fort Rotterdam, is an ancient Gowanese fort, and one of the main tourist attraction that stands as a reminder of the Dutch occupation. In this city tour, you will visiting Fort Rotterdam, Paotere Harbor and Somba Opu Shopping Strips.

Fort Rotterdam
One of the best-preserved examples of Dutch architecture in Indonesia, Fort Rotterdam continues to guard the harbour of Makassar. A Gowanese fort dating back to 1545 once stood here, but failed to keep out the Dutch. The original fort was rebuilt in Dutch style after the Treaty of Bungaya in 1667. Parts of the crumbling wall have been left untouched, and provide an interesting comparison to the restored buildings.

Inside Fort Rotterdam, Museum Negeri La Galigo keeps an assortment of exhibits. The Museum consists of two buildings. The first building is a housing of ethnology and the second one is the housing of history.

Paotere Harbor
Pelabuhan Paotere/ Paotere Harbor is where the “Phinisi” the Bugis sailing ships berth. There is usually lots of activity on the dock, and in the busy fish market a few streets south.

Traditional Market (Pasar Terong)  
The Traditional Market Terong is located in the middle of Makassar.  Plenty of tropical fruits, vegetables and fish are available to buy.

Somba Opu
Somba Opu Shopping Strip has plenty of shops with great collections of jewellery, ‘antiques’ and souvenirs, including crafts from all over Indonesia, such as Kendari filigree silver jewellery, Torajan handicrafts, Chinese pottery, Makassarese brass work, and silk cloth from Sengkang. Shopping centres are the place to be for most Makassarese.