Bantimurung & Leang Leang – NCT01B


After breakfast, proceed to Bantimurung and Leang-Leang.

Bantimurung is located 41 Km North East in a step limestone valley with tropical vegetation and a 15 meter high waterfall. This valley is famous for its colorful butterflies.

Leang – Lenag
After a picnic lunch, visiting Leang-Leang

Leang is a cave featuring prehistoric art that is surrounded by rice paddies. The Leang Leang caves are noted for their rock paintings, thought to date back about 5000 years. The paintings are stencils of human hands, made by placing the hand up against the wall and then blowing a mixture of red ochre and water around them, leaving an image on the rock.

Somba Opu
Somba Opu Shopping Strip has plenty of shops with great collections of jewellery, ‘antiques’ and souvenirs, including crafts from all over Indonesia, such as Kendari filigree silver jewellery, Torajan handicrafts, Chinese pottery, Makassarese brass work, and silk cloth from Sengkang. Shopping centres are the place to be for most Makassarese.