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We specialize in providing value minded travelers group and independent tours around Sulawesi and other places in Indonesia. Our focus on personal service, attention to small details and creating wide range of tours to the travelers never change. Whether you are looking for a group tour, independent travel, family travel, or special interests travel, we will always make your dream holidays come true. We invite you to experience the difference with us. We create a wide range of tours for your choices; all tours are carefully crafted by local experts, who inspect and choose the good hotels at good locations.

Entrance fees are included; most meals at selective restaurants are also pre-arranged for you. Introduction, ancient mariners migrated to the distant islands of Oceania from all over the globe by wind and wave and star, bringing with them their traditions and cultures, long before Columbus ever set sail. Indonesia’s emerald archipelago offers a visual and cultural feast to the visitor. Extraordinary landscapes, from rugged mist-covered mountains to primal tropical jungles, verdant green rice terraces and mysterious lakes, dominate the interior. Along the coast dazzling coral reefs encircle dormant volcanoes that jut dramatically out of the sea. Stretches of white sandy beach fringed with coconut palm and scattered fishing villages are flanked by dramatic limestone headlands.

Every Caraka Travelindo program guarantees to provide inquisitive travelers with the opportunity for first-hand discovery. Our destinations continually reach farther into the most remote regions on earth. Our commitment is to offer the finest in attentive service and the most comfortable of accommodation, to share our environmental concerns, and to help travelers grow into lifelong ambassadors to destinations visited.

Such astonishing diversity is partially a product of Sulawesi’s tortured geography. The island’s four outstretched “arms” are in a sense all separate; they rise from a deep seabed formed by contiguous folds in the earth’s crust but are isolated from one another by steep ravines, dense forests and forbidding peaks. Unlike many other Indonesian islands, only Sulawesi’s northeastern and southwestern extremities (the Minahasa and Makassar regions) are volcanic, and instead of gently sloping contours and broad plains, most of the island consists of jagged uplands and rugged plateaus lying 500 meter (1,600 feet) or more above sea level.

The central peaks of Sulawesi reach as high as 3,400 meters (11,000 feet). Sulawesi features, steep mountains, deep gorges, fast flowing rivers, blue highland lakes, lush rain forests, Savannah’s and white-sand beaches and a fascinating range of unusual flora and fauna. Many species of fauna found in Sulawesi can not be found else where in the world, like the black macaque, the babirusa wild boar, the anoa dwarf buffalo, the eccentric maleo bird, the saucer-eyed tarsier, and many beautiful and colorful butterflies.

We (Caraka Travelindo) provide inbound services for tourists and travellers from any country:

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  • Providing tour packages (Culture Tours, Bird Watching, Nature & Adventure Tours, Island & Dive tours, Food & Entertainment)
  • Provides services to personal tourist and group.
  • Our staff and tour guide speaks English, French, Dutch and Local Languages.

We are committed to provide excellence and quality to our clients. For the outgoing and incoming client, we specialize in tailor-made itineraries for groups and for individuals without forgetting competitive prices or compromising our high level of service. Every client is important to us and we are happy to offer the most competitive rates whether it is for the individual client or for groups in their hundreds. All our itineraries are subject to change to suit the interests of the individual or group.